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Fix Your Feet Pain combo Packs

Fix Your Feet Pain Ultimate Combo Pack

Together, for the first time anywhere, 4 of the most unique and effective tools available for releasing tension in, and restructuring the feet:

*These 4 Self-Maintenance Tools complement each other fantastically well and I’m so happy to be able to offer them in this package together. While the Yoga Toes are spreading your toes and entire foot apart, the Foot Savers and the Fix Your Feet Balls release tension in the muscle tissue and joints, and help to restructure  and reshape your feet.

The Foot Savers are a broader tool and the Fix Your Feet Balls are more specific. Alternate work under your feet with both of these tools; wearing the Yoga Toes while using either of them will speed the whole process up.

By opening, spreading, and organizing you feet, you are creating a whole new dynamic foundation which your body in gravity will be hugely benefited by. The emotional aspect to that is a feeling of more groundedness, stability, self-confidence, and empowerment. The physical aspect is that many structural problems in your feet can be positively affected and often eliminated, as those problems are caused, like most others throughout the body, by tension and disorganization of the soft tissue and the bones.

foot wakers

Foot Wakers with DVD
(please note new color is brown)

Foot Wakers are a welcome addition to my arsenal of “rejuvenation tools”. I began years ago using tennis balls and hand balls with great results on my feet and the feet of my clients. I believe these are more effective than tennis balls (and easier to use) although the hand balls (Fix Your Feet Balls) are still a wonderful “specific” tool you’ll want to use, along with these new products.
Remember to use the Yoga Toes with all of these fix your feet tools; they take the work to a whole nother level.
read more about Foot Wakers


foot savers
Foot Savers Kit with DVD
(please note new color is black)

Foot Savers Kit with DVD

These basically do what you can do with tennis balls, having a similar diameter, except that they are completely stable, which is a very good thing in many cases. That stability allows you to easily work on both feet at the same time; something difficult to do with tennis balls, especially if your feet are very stiff.
Learn more about Foot Savers

Yoga Toes
Yoga Toes
Another thing I wish I would’ve invented and so happy someone did! When I was first shown these I was critical and skeptical as usual; I’ve just seen way too many hyped-products that are useless, not worth the money, or actually potentially hazardous to use, especially for a layperson in the Health and Fitness field. I  Iiked them from the first time I put them on and through frequent use in varied applications I’ve given them an A+ rating.

What they do
By spreading your toes apart as they do, these Yoga Toes will gradually begin to open the foot up by creating more space between your toes, and your long toe bones in the body of the foot. This creates a wider, more stable foot.
Used with the Fix Your Feet  Balls, or with the Foot Savers, they can completely restructure and reshape the foot, helping to loosen and reform the 3 arches (transverse (balls of the foot), medial (inside), and lateral (outside), as well as to mobilize and organize the 26 bones and 33 joints in each foot.

How to use them
Here are the ways so far that I’ve discovered how to use the Yoga Toes.

  1. Go to sleep with them on. They usually wake me up after a few hours and I have to take them off. Each time I use them I’m able to leave them on for longer periods of time.
  2. Watch TV (if you do that) with them on.
  3. Use them while doing my Flextasy Flexibility Routine, yoga, or any other flexibility work.
  4. Mediate with them on.
  5. Use them for SLOW movement on the Rebounder.
  6. Bodywork—Whenever I’m working on someone, especially legs or hips, I’ll have them wear the Yoga Toes for as long as they can manage. This has the positive effect of keeping the foot organized (like a comb spacer on a loom) as you work on the distortions throughout the rest of the body.
    Read more about the benefits of using Yoga Toes.

Fix Your Feet Balls

High arches, fallen arches, pronation, corns, bunions, callouses, and most anything else that can go wrong with the feet can be positively affected by a simple (non-surgical!) procedure. In all the years and thousands of feet, I have never met anyone who can’t benefit from these. You can fix your feet!
Read more about the benefits of using the Fix Your Feet Balls

Foot Combo 1

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Fix Your Feet Pain Ultimate Combo Pack
Foot Wakers w/DVD
Foot Savers Kit w/DVD
Yoga Toes
Fix Your Feet Balls

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Foot Combo 2

Regular Price with shipping=178
Fix Your Feet Pain Combo2

Foot Wakers w/DVD
Foot Savers Kit w/DVD

Yoga Toes

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Foot Combo 3

Regular Price with shipping=137
Fix Your Feet Pain Combo3

Foot Wakers w/DVD
Foot Savers Kit w/DVD

Sale Price: $118
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